Querido Amancio

The CCA and key cultural figures reflect on the legacy of Amancio Williams, both for Argentina and for an international audience. Giovanna Borasi is joined by architects, professors, journalists and editors to comment on his legacy through a public reading of personal letters addressed to Amancio Williams.

The reading of these letters will be followed by a conversation among the guest speakers moderated by editors in the field of architecture.

The event will be in English and Spanish. The event is free and open to the public. As seats are limited, registration is required. Please email us to reserve your seat.

Fitz Roy 1968
Palermo – Capital Federal
Buenos Aires


Claudio Williams
Juan Herreros
Emilio Ambasz
Florencia Álvarez
Martin Huberman
Fernando Diez
Mario Gandelsonas
Giovanna Borasi
Claudio Vekstein
Inés Moisset
Kenneth Frampton
Ciro Najle
Cayetana Mercé
Ana Rascovsky

Rodrigo Kommers Wender
Isabella Moretti
Martin Di Peco


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